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Posted Jun 22,2016

NatraSan First Aid Spray 250ml


Brand Name: NatraSan
Description: NatraSan First Aid Spray is a revolution in healthcare. It contains pure hypochlorous acid, the body's own antiseptic. Hypochlorous is produced in all humans and animals. It is the mild but incredibly effective acidic substance released by our white blood cells to kill germs including bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeasts and moulds but it is completely safe to humans, animals and the environment. It is even safe around eyes and mouth. Natrasan kills 99.9999% of harmful micro-organisms in seconds including MRSA, C Diffcile, Norovirus etc. Eliminates odours caused by bacteria. pH neutral, non-irritating, non-sting. Contains no alcohol, preservatives or fragrances. How to Use Wounds and bites: Spray liberally onto affected area. Allow to dry naturally. Acne, spots, athletes foot: as above. Minor burns and scalds: If possible immerse the affected area in the solution for 10 minutes. Otherwise run cold water over the area for 10 minutes and then spray liberally with NatraSan. Allow to dry naturally. Hand and skin disinfection: Spray liberally onto hands and allow to dry naturally. Hard and soft surface sanitation: Spray onto affected area for immediate sterilisation. Regulatory and Approvals Compliant with EU528/2012. Independently tested to following standards BSEN 1276, BSEN 1656, BSEN 13704, BSEN 14204, BSEN 13697.
Shipping: $3.5
Shipped From: Singapore

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NatraSan First Aid Spray 250ml



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