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Bakipa brings quality new and preloved products together into once place, by creating a platform where both businesses and parents can sell.


Selling Retail Products (for registered businesses)

At Bakipa we are passionate about helping our partners grow their sales by offering parents a unique shopping experience.

To join world-class brands including Camouflage, Fisher-Price, Alex, Sapling, Playhao, Mazu and more, you must apply and be selected by our team of product specialists.

Apply to Sell


Selling Preloved

Often things we buy for our children are only used for a few months.

Let’s all play a part in helping our community and environment. Sell the items you’re finished with so they can be loved by another family. Shop preloved and reduce the amount of waste in this world.

Below is a guide to buying & selling preloved items with Bakipa.

How to Sell Preloved

    1. Download the free Bakipa app from [iTunes - link to app store] or [Google Play - link to Play Store]

    2. Open the app and follow the steps to Sign Up

    3. Press ‘Sell’ on the lower menu and add the details of your item

    4. Respond to buyer messages as they come through to complete your sale

Note: Bakipa’s Preloved Marketplace is strictly for parents to sell preloved (second hand) items only. Any retail items listed will be removed without notice.


Safety First

Bakipa Preloved Marketplace is an open marketplace where parents have freedom to transact according to their preferences. The Bakipa team does our best to keep the marketplace as safe and pleasant as possible, but sometimes unexpected events may occur that conflict with our Community Guidelines.

We ask that you take reasonable care to avoid any negative experiences when selling on Bakipa. Some tips for buying safely with Bakipa are below:

    1. Provide clear descriptions - provide detailed descriptions of items within the listing to avoid negative feedback from buyers.

    2. Respond to questions – be prepared to provide more item pictures or proof of authenticity to clear the buyer’s doubts.

    3. Offer registered / tracked mail or a certificate of posting - This is especially essential if you are dealing with expensive items. Don't take chances!

    4. Read user feedback - You can assess the credibility of a buyer by reading user feedback on his or her Bakipa profile. If you're not convinced by the feedback, don't proceed with the deal.

    5. Meet in public, well-lit places – if you are delivering an item in person, ask the buyer to meet you in a public, well lit location. If this isn’t possible, take someone with you for safety purposes.

    6. Common sense is king - Use your instincts and logical reasoning to assess the safety of each individual deal. Things that are too good to be true often aren't.

    7. Be prompt - If you suspect that you have been scammed or are a victim of a scam, report the scam promptly to the Bakipa team so that we are able to assist you.

Download the free app to join the Bakipa Family today.

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